Remembering last year which is past away.

thumb_kailash3[1].jpg            thumb_kailash1[1].jpg

  • Above the pictures are represents the kalasha ZOSHE festival which is taking place every year the month of may 14,15 and 16.Its is really touching my heart and compleling me to think about my hidden paradise i mean that the hidden paradise of the world.
  • Ishpata yar kalasum.

3 thoughts on “Remembering last year which is past away.

  1. This website is really great. that is a good plateform to communicate about alasha culture.
    Please continue luke,


  2. hey mr one…in the picture section u hv more concentrated on advertising ur wife then the other….is the side for kalash or to advertise ur wife..
    any way wish u all the best


  3. Dear Kalasha friends come on jointly work for the development and conservation of kalasha culture.
    This a appeal from me to all of you.
    Prust Geri pasik.


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