Letter To Chitral News: A Kalash man harassed and jailed for alleged blasphemy

Dear Sir,
It is very important to bring in your notice that a Kalash man named Barzangi from Rumboor has been jailed twice for blasphemy. There is no truth at all in this blasphemy allegation. Kalash are the most peaceful and respectful people of Pakistan. We condemn such action against peace loving simple people of Kalashadesh. We have great respect for Islam and our Government. Some people are using blasphemy as a tool to harass and harm the Kalash people. This issue should not be over looked by your esteemed online news. More ever full story of this unpleasant event should be covered through your correspondents in Chitral as the victim Barzangi is being held jailed in Chitral since last many days.

Wazir Zada


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