Kalash kidnap criticised by kalash community.


CHITRAL, 16 Mar 06: Gen Secy Dist Coord council of NGO’s Inayatullah Aseer, Kalash leader Wazir and other social figures have condemned the recent kidnapping and subsequent release on payment of ransom, of Kalash lady social worker Lakshan Bibi in Peshawar. They were addressing a press conference in Chitral Thursday.The speakers said Kalash have a history of peace and amicability and it is against the traditions of Pathan culture to abduct a helpless female and that too for ransom. The participants of the press conference demanded that immediate arrest of the alleged culprits be made and they be brought to justice at the earliest. (M Rahim Baig)


2 thoughts on “Kalash kidnap criticised by kalash community.

  1. Greetings there all:
    I’m deeply upset by Lakshan’s Kidnapping.I knew her through one of my pakistani friend here in the UK from last 7 years.I wonder if some one could please update me about her well being these days and what happened to her kidnappers? are they in jail or still enjoying their freedom?

    All my best wishes are for her and her supporters…
    Kalash will rise, that’s for sure.



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