The Lowari Pass The Main Problem of Chitrali people

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 The height of lowri pass is 11000fts above the sea level.

It was october 2005 when i was going to Kalash to spent some days with my family,when i start my jouney from peshawar,the weathre was clear so i thought it will be safe and nice time to go there,when i arrived to Dir(the Gate way of Chitral) then suddenly rain is started and when i reached the top of the pass i found that its was full of snow,and also snow fall was coninued for whole day.

I was very upset because i was with some laddies so it was very hard time there then we are went to Ziarat by walked.In the we saw an anciedent that a person from Dir was coming from chitral but unfurtunatly he has been death as you that the atmosphere was very cold even we can,t able to tolered the coldness but we can,t do…..,there was,t any home and place where we could get warm our self,Its was really very terriable sitution espically for female,but eventually we arrived the Ziarat then we found a hotle and then we felt easy and thanks God for his kindness to safed us from many ancidents.Now we thanking the president of Pakistan for his kin intrest for chitali peoples.The tunnel is under construction and hopefull it will be complete till 2008.(Due to this pass thousands of people died in the past.)





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