The Lack of education made students upset in chitral


                Dear friends I would like let you know that the education in Peshawar etc and the creating problems for our backward students of chitral and facing hard time in the cities of Pakistan to get education and its not enough for us to get more of our community to be educated, if we wants to get full befits from education then we should have our own university in chitral to fulfill the needs of today.

Whether the university will make by NGOs or by Government, but its clear that we need to facilitate our district for future demands to educate our society to get better atmosphere around the country.

Dear Friends I have been making pre plan for an institute which called Kalash Institute of Management Sciences (KIMS) which will be the leader for future education transport channel in chital and surrounds ,so if we people  really wants to develop education system in chitral then we should struggles for that to achieve real success in future to fulfils ,as everyone knows that without having good educated society the nation can’t be develop there life style because education is the basic structure to promote a good and well known society therefore I would like to ask ours community through your news *should our future generation  remain behind useless like today we are?”

*If we need university then why we are hesitating to struggle for the better future of chitral?

Dear sincere friends of chitral come forward to make our future bright through quality of

education this only solution for the development of chitral.
For further information contact us.


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