The sudden death of Zarmahmad made his realatives and his famliy upset for ever

30.3.2006 when Zarmahamd went to the near mountain of Broon village to take his goat.But it was very danger place he could not get control on himself with goat and fallen down from the hill and died on the spot,so this brings certain disspoitment amonth the kalasha community,one thing you should know that his father was when with goats and he was,t any information about his son when he return he found himself under sorrow.As yo know that kalasha community are usually doing funeral festival when some one death but he was badly damage and then kalasha decieded to buried him as soon as possible.
"Zarmahamd was 25 year old young man and he his one brother name Zarin and have no sisters,remember that he was un-maried and was very faithful to the kalasha community"
"May Creator gave his soul rest in Heaven"
I am as a member of kalasha community i would like to say his family to be bear this sadness Creator will help you and i am praying for his soul to Creator to make him in the heaven because death is balance system in nature and no body can hide from this long sleep.


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