The Cultural Hero of 21ST Century


Every body knows that everything needs support to stand ford.Consider a student who is started his steps from very beginning then he have to reach in the top which is known as PhD in education world and everyone wants to achieve this honor but almost some of them are success to achieve this honor. On behalf of earth history there was lot of cultures which are similar to the kalasha culture but the entire are ended, but kalasha culture has been completed all the necessary steps to prove as a unique and richness.                                                              115298559_aa81093aa5_m[1].jpg115298558_f8b4df7b1d_m[1].jpg115307269_b845d28c7a_m[1].jpg

Everyone knows that Greek people are saying that kalasha are the descendant of Alexander the great.
Last year in 2005 a Greek volunteer Athansi who is working in kalasha valley bum borate he was given an interview to the guardian an international newspaper of UK.
He had been said,” That kalasha are the cultural hero of 21st century” and I my self-given an interview to the BBC web site while I was spoken “that kalasha culture is totally depend on past ancestors deeds” Because the deeds of the ancestors are playing vital role in kalasha culture.


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