kalasha spring festival coming soon.

 Kalash festival from 12-15 May


CHITRAL,,06 May 06: Kalash spring festival 'Chilim Jusht' is to be celebrated with
traditional fervour in the three Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Rumboor and Birir starting 12 May. Last bastion of the diminishing Kalash tribe, these valleys bloom at this time of the year.  The Kalash not only have proven resilient to any change despite persistent external pressures, but actually take pride in their culture. They love their difficult dress, their minimal living and above all their forlorn abode. According to an old Kalash saying, "when God created the earth and gifted it to mankind He kept these three valleys for Himself". 'Chilim Jusht' is the second biggest religious festival of the Kalash (biggest being 'Chitter Mast' celebrated in December), but owing to the favourable weather and the interest of tourists 'Chilim Jusht' takes lead in terms of activity.Many tourists both local and foreign throng the valleys at this time giving the Kalash a feeling of importance but at the same time compromising their privacy at times to their annoyance. Some times VIPs and VVIPs in mood of an outing, make surprise appearance at this Kalash festival. These days the Kalash can be seen in Chitral Bazaars shopping away 


This news is taken from chitral news.


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