The kalasha spring festival of 2006

Kalash spring festival that is ended recently it was really nice and seems kalash community with emotion and their love for kalasha culture.Many foreigners as well as domestic tourists are seen in the festival and some of ambassadors are also there with M.P Bandar the member of national assembly in Islamabad, he is very sincere person and love kalash community he is visiting kalash valleys every year during the festival although he is very old. 144072979_446d5e4b37_m[1].jpg

During the festival children as well as men and women are seems very enthusiastically they were smiling laughing every moment of their life at this beautiful moment of the year, infact kalasha are very lovely and peaceful people they love humanity and love nature, but one thing we should understand that the five figures are not equal same as there will be some un expected people are living amount them which does, t wants to see kalasha people in good filed of social sector.Kalasha spring festival is fascinating national and international community to visit kalash due to has beautiful and unique women dress, freedom of life all these aspects of life are existed in these three narrow kalash valleys which are full with nature and attracting tourist to visit Chitral valley.

Where the kalasha spring festival is seems nice?Almost the festival is nice but accordingly Mr.Wazir Zada president of kalash culture saving society “the festival in bumborate valley was very nice and seems to be more enthusiastic and excitement” and kalasha are expecting for more patient in future for their cultural activities.


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