The two new couples of kalash

Its very nice that two kalasha person got married in this year and expecting more in coming up festivals.One of this person is Sahib Nasir who got married.


He is educated boy and has good approach for working. He is belonging from kalash valley bumborate and his wife is from the next valley rumboor. Remember that she was married but last year her husband was converted to Islam, and try to convert her but she refuse to convert her self, now she got nice life once again and looking forward. Bibi Han is become very happy to be a life partner of Nasir and expecting good life in future. The second man is Murat khan who belonging from kalash valley bumborate village batrik he do arranged marriage his wife is from the same valley and she is about 14 year old and her husband is more than 30.  It is expected that kalasha population will increase continuously and there will be strong kalasha people in near future because kalasha people are realize that they are peaceful nice people and understand their culture that is running from the beginning of the earth history.


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