Latest news from kalash valleys.

Fatima and Maswali the new couple of this week.

Just to day I received a call from Shahzad-u-Din who is belong’s from kalash valley Rumbbor and he inform me that fatima has married with Maswali who is school teacher in kalasha community base school kalasha Grom.She has been fallen in love with this guy. She has been given her matriculate exams recently, and married soon after her exams.Love marriage is very common in kalash everyone who loves to each other and there is no restriction on love marriage if they are not belongs from close relative. Marry with close relative is not allow in kalasha custom. 

Miss Yasir (Ghafoor) has given a birth to a female baby.

It was 26 may 2006 when I phone at PTDC motle Bumborate there I talked with my friend during the conversations I ask my friend that any thing new in kalash then she said “she is given birth to child” I ask kindly let me know who is she? Then she begins to laugh and congratulate me I said to her ok ‘amin’ ok tell me know who is she? Then with very low volume she said “Raj” then I said to her ok its good news could you convey my greeting to her and her baby then she refuse to saying that I am going to Rumboor now but its true that she was going to Rumboor.Any way I was very delighted to heard that she is fine.  


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