The Uchaw Festival will Begin on 22

The Uchaw Festival will Begin on 22
In United Valleys of Kalash Mumurate and Rukmu.

The Festival has been underway in kalash valleys but the final celebration will take place on 22 August during night time. The word ‘Ratnat” means Night Dancing with culture performance.Kalasha are celebrating three festivals in a year so one of their traditional festival is “Uchaw in this occasion shepherd’s bring the first products of their goats and offered to God (Daizo) which means Creator then the male eats the cheese in the alter and female eats at home then come to the place where Uchaw Festival take place.

The Uchaw festival will be celebrated during day time in 22 of August, in Rukmu valley but its same like in Mumurate.”Before the start of Uchaw the teenager’s are celebrates one night festival which is called “Jaja he juk”during this occasion the boys and grills eats the apricot nets which made by young grills and distributed to their friends actually there are lot of fun’s for them.


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