Langlands School gets Fifty Million from President

Langlands School gets Fifty Million from President CHITRAL,26 Oct 06: Last week turned out to be a lucky one for Langlands School and College (former Sayurj School) Chitral. Four days before his 89th birthday on 21 Oct Maj GD Langlands, the principal, was able to meet President Musharraf. He was accompanied by Siraj Ulmulk of Hindukush Heights Chitral and Mr Moeen Afzal ex- Fed Secy Finance, both of them being Trustees of the Endowment that he has set up for his school. The mission at hand was to solicit the support of the President for Langlands school to raise funds. The meeting was the first one on the Presidents days schedule and he seemed relaxed and comfortable in a Kurta and Shalwar. He listened to Langlands patiently and with great interest as he explained his mission to provide Chitrali youth with good quality education at an affordable price. Mr. Siraj Ulmulk used his personal friendship with the President to support Mr Langlands and Mr Moeen Afzal provided vital statistics about how much money would be required to enhance present salaries and make future expansion. It was easy to see the special attachment that President Musharraf felt for Chitral which he visits every year during the Shandur Polo tournament. He asked the group what is the amount they are looking. With some reluctance Maj Langlands replied ” fifty million rupees!”. But there was neither any reluctance nor any hesitation from the President when he briefly replied ” OK we shall give you fifty million rupees”. The President then went on to inquire more about Chitral and the school and how Langlands planned to proceed keeping in view his advancing age. His military secretary has followed up the case with Langlands and Siraj and told them that it will take a fortnight or so to complete formalities before the money actually comes to Chitral. 


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