Advance Weaving Traning in Kalash

Kalash valley Mumuret 1.12.1006 a training was arranged for the women of Kraka Village to train women for making woollen products according to modern demands.

The traning was arranged with Coordination of Jafakush Urat Project Govt. of Pakistan and Kalash People’s Development Network to promote hand skills of the skill-full women of the area to create personal effort to produce income source for them.

The duration of the training was 25 days it was started on 10Th of November till December 8.2006,and the avenue of training was at Kalash Hotel Kraka Grum.The training was successfully completed.

KPDN is struggling to arrange one more training for the women of Anish village.Here we would like to add that KPDN have been successfully working on it’s welfare projectknow as Kalash Women Welfare & Skill Development Center

KPDN i looking forward to develop kalasha traditional skills and try to make linkage with other friends to market kalash hand made products to create capacity for income sources.


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