Tourism improvement discussed

District government has taken step to improve tourism in Chitral

CHITRAL, 13 Mar, 07: A meeting Chaired by Tehsil Nazim Sartaj Ahmad Khan discussed promotion of tourism in Chitral district. The meeting was participated by representatives of all Non Governmental Organizations and heads of line departments. Addressing the participants Tehsil Nazim said that there is rich potential of tourism in Chitral but needs to be boosted. Stake holders proposed different steps including exhibition of Chitrali food and different varieties of local products. They stressed upon celebrations of different festivals with full media coverage to attract tourists.

Regional Program Manager AKRSP Sardar Ayub said that we should frame tourism development plan for promoting eco tourism. Participants said we have rich potential of wild life but we are gaining nothing from them except the sale of Markhor Hunting license. They said that there are different verities of traditional meals at Chitral but were never exhibited. They stressed upon introducing community and village guest houses and maintaining peaceful situation in Chitral. They said that mechanism regarding strategy for promoting tourism must be patronized by district government. They also criticized migrating duck hunting in Chitral.

On this occasion Tehsil Nazim announced that Tourism Conference would be held here in which the Federal Minster for Tourism and other guests would be invited. He also announced that a standing committee on tourism would be established here of which the District Nazim would be Chairman and other stake holders as members of the committee. The participants emphasized the need for a comprehensive strategy to attract tourists from all over the world.

Tourism is a very important part of the national income there government should take serious steps to develop tourism sector in Chitral


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