K.P.D.N is condemning to establishment of Museum and Guest House in Kalash Valley Mumuret.

K.P.D.N is condemning to establishment of Museum and Guest House in Kalash Valley Mumuret.


Kalash May 8, 2007. 

( TKT News ) : Kalash May 8, 2007,President of KPDN was taken action against the Museum which going to build at Anish due to some reasons.

One month ago Luke mate Qrector of District Museum Chitral to discuss this issue in 0ne hour discussion Luke told them every possible solution of this matter.

Now in future if there will be some problem then the U.C Nazim and Councilor included Patwari will be responsible.


Here is the letter which KPDN was sent to Director of Museum Peshawar:



                  Kalash People’s Development Network

                                                  United Valleys of Kalash

                                                (Mumuret, Rukmu  & Biriu



Reference # 1                                                  Dated 14.2.2007




The Director of Peshawar Museum,

Subject: Guest House at Mumuret (Bumborate) 

Exalted Sir, 

Its stated that the Guest house which is going to be built at Anish village Mumuret should be stopped, because of some problem which I would like to inform you through this letter.

The place where the guesthouse is going to be built is not suitable due to some family matters, which are mentioned below:

The family have only one land, which they are going to sale it to your department have internal problem like Sher Dual have four sons all of them are not mature and he himself is facing some extra ordinary disease, and he can’t make any decision for his property, because his mind is not working and his wife is going to sale the property to your department. Here I would like to mention that the four sons namely (Zar Dula,Zar Taj,Zar Dar Ali and Sake f Ali) are the son of Sher Dula if the two brothers Zar Dula and Sher Taj sold this property then there will be no land for their two brothers where will they go? What will happen when the grow up? Who will support them for their education? Your department is going to give only two employments to this family means two brothers will be your employees, as a reward of giving land to your department. Possibilities, which I knew that the rest of their brothers, which I mention above, would challenge the matter to the court and there will be an internal family problem, create for their brothers. The better thing I would like to recommend is to stop buying this place and try at another reasonable place for the guesthouse. Secondly I would like to let you know is that, give proper money to the family with at least one or two employee to this family. I expect that your department will take kind action on this letter and investigate about the above mention problems would be better.             

                                                    Yours Sincerely,


                                         Kalash People’s Development Network


                      D.C.O Chitral,

                      District Nazim Chitral,

                      U.C.Nazim Ayun.



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