Preparation for Kalasha Spring Festival ( Zhoshi ) of 2007 has completed.

Preparation for Kalasha Spring Festival ( Zhoshi ) of 2007 has completed.

  Kalash May 11, 2007.   


 (TKT News):Kalasha people are celebrating three festivals in a year, and the Kalasha spring festival ( Zhoshi ) is the most dynamic and beautiful among them.The festival is starting every year in the month of May 14 and continuous till 16 0f the month.Lot of foreigner’s and domestic tourists are beginning to arrive  Chitral for the festival.


The main feature of the this year is that Pakistani Government has included Kalasha community in national heritage and expecting to visit of tourism minister and other Govt official with diplomats during the festival. 

The Zhoshi.  

After about one and a half month later from the first celebration this festival comes. After this festival is announced people store milk in their barns where they keep their livestock. Those who have big flocks and milk in greater quantity, they do not start storing their milk from the first day. Those who have small flocks they start storing their milk from the first day to the tenth day. After ten days are completed women and children go to bring the yellow flowers from the pastures. These flowers bloom when no other flower blooms in the area. The next day early in the morning these flower are put in the doors of all the houses and barns and the temple doors. All the doors of the buildings owned by Kalash are decorated with these flowers. On this same day the festival starts, this day’s celebration is called “c’irik pipi”.  Which means, “drink the milk.” The words of this phrase are the polite accents of the two words “c’ir” milk “pi” drink. In this festival women sing the melodious song “para para may bayaa zhoshi gos’t’ para c’irik pipi o shishamond hawaw.” Which means “I went to my brothers barn on the festival of zhoshi and look it is the time of c’irik pipi.” This meaning is what the words say but it can have another meaning too. Some of the songs sung in festivals have funny meanings some times they are about love. So women go from one barn to the other and collect milk for home. Every village has its own festival of the day.  

First day of the Zhoshi. 

This first day’s zhoshi is also called “tshatak zhoshi” which means smaller zhoshi festival. Late in the morning people from all villages come out of their villages dancing on the beaten drum. A ceremony called “gulprik” is performed in each village, in this ceremony the babies born since last zhoshi are brought with their parents and the ceremony is performed.  Finally they all come to one center in each valley. The elders sing the songs


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