Natural disasters and accidents in our life TKT Article:

My naked eyes are witness all these accidents occurring since 8th October 2005.Earth quake in Pakistan, lost of large number of human life, during this horrible period I was in Peshawar at ICMS college for my studies, I was seen people who were completely lost their conscious to see their realities especially those boys and grills who were departed from their parents and relatives while they were happy, smelling when they were going to school. After a short time there were a big lost of lives and infrastructures who knows before?What will be happen with us?To see all these happens most of people are disappointing, why they are in this world and question them self that why we are in this world?And thinking about future life what will be happen with them.Same as common people, I was very disappointed at this occasion, espically I used to watching Television which were engaged to broadcast live from the affected areas of Pakistan, usually I was crying to see all death bodies and injured people.But what could I do?, my self I was student in Peshawar, by the way everyone knows that this period of time Government was announce that all educational and official departments should be closed for a week.Then I came back to Kalash valleys for few days.Late on 25 August 2006 I migrated to Chitral for my studies, here I saw some extra ordinary accident, on 11 October 2006, I was at Langlands college ,and my telephonic communication was blocked that day before, otherwise I used to call my resident in Bakerabad every day, on this occasion I was unable to intouch with my family, when my college closed I arrived my place in college bus when step down from the bus, where I found mother of Lucky near the road, and I was frighten that why she is near the road, when I asked her “ why you’re here? “ with tears in her eyes she replied “ saying that there is an accident happen just near to us “ Quickly I asked her “ What your talking about “ then she said to me a Toyota jeep which was going to Mumuret has fallen in Achingol, then I lost my conscious and quickly went to hospital where I found my self among the death bodies included my paternal father, my teacher  and some of other relatives , then I went to Mumuret without informing my family in Bakerabad.I was very upset and disappointed, and was thinking that life is very short what will we have to do?With the passage of time passes in 12-14 of April 2007 again there was an natural disaster due to heavy snow in (District Chitral) and destroyed lot of human lives and so many families were out of their homes, and at least 65 people were died. My disappointed life was passing normally one day once again an accident occurred in the region of Achuhaga valley a high pasture of the people of Anish village and Darasguru, where four people was death included two Kalasha son and his paternal father.And two Muslim were death, included one young man was badly injured, now he is at DHQ hospital Chital and he is quite better now, on these occasion the two Muslim were buried according to Muslim tradition and the death bodies who were belonging from Kalash community were kept for two days according to Kalasha custom, on this time I was in Chitral when I heard this news from my cousin. I went to hospital where I saw parsal khan who was badly injured, I spent some moments with him then I decided to go to Mumuret for to see the affected families.During this period I was giving exams of 2nd year and the coming up morning I have to give paper of Chemistry , some of my friend in Chitral were told me not to go there, the suggest that I should go there after my exams end, but I refuse and determine to go there, when  I reached in Kalash valley Mumuret in Anish village at first then I decided to visit the affected families advance, where I saw they two death bodies were place together and people of all united valleys of Kalash were gathered there for the funeral festival.During my journey to Mumuret I was repeating only a sentence, because this sentence was automatically coming in my tongue:

Tay khundratas chagona ahee zenda assik shaya Duniyahuna,shiya tay dita jahan har koru koshan hinori” 

Translations produce below:

” In the shadow of your power, we are alive in this world,It’s your given world everyone must be happy “ 

The day after morning people were taking the death bodies to Kalasha graveyard I was also accompanied with the people in the way I saw the sons of the death people I can’t explain it was really giving me some lesson for learning, after short time when we reached at the graveyard , where all the people were busy to burring the death bodies, meanwhile I saw son of Truhan Shah he is approximately 9th year old boy, he was busy and helping the people to give stones and other material, I can’t tell that how how mach courage will have with this boy….he  was watching his father from the beginning  of the funeral festival and watching his father and grandfather while they were departing from them, but he was not sp worried about any thing, thus what kind of lesson we can get fro this boy?This real article which seen by my naked eyes. We can derived a lesson that we should spent our rest of life with carefully and working for humanity I am praying to Creator “Kindly help those families who are suffered from this sort of events” 

Luke Rehmat

FSc final Student

President Kalash People’s Development Network.


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