A young man is driven away in  Kalash valley Rumboor.
TKT News:

Kalash 22.June. 2007. Yesterday a young man name as Jamal Din S/O Nowrus Khan belongs to Kalash valley Rumboor is driven in a river while he was trying to transport local wood for construction through river; suddenly his foot has slipped and fallen in the river.
His death body was found near the Check point Dupash.According to local people two boys were with them but they couldn’t do any thing due to fast flow of the river.After a Kilo meter there were few boys who were fishing near the river they saw him and he was calling them to safe him, but he was in the middle of the river therefore they can not rescue him due to fast flow of the hard water.His funeral festival has underway in Rumber Village Battaat and the death body will take to Kalasha Graveyard in Rumber by 24 of June.


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