The Second Advance weaving training is started in Kalash.


Kalash 29 October 2007, last year Kalash People’s Development Network (KPDN) was arranged training for Kalash women in Kraka’ Village of Kalash valley Mumuret, after one year once again KPDN succeed to arrange the second advance weaving training for the women of Anish village in Mumuret.

According to the president of KPDN Mr. Luke Rehmat “we are glad to say that the advance weaving training is very important for kalash women to enhance their life process with the modern world, they can make the same products very quickly and will be able to make their own woolen product which they were making in past and were consuming longer time to make a built (Patti) and other products, now from the same material the can make cloths too”.

Especially in 2004 KPDN was designed a project for Kalash Women known as Kalash Women Welfare & Skill Development Center aim to work for the development and conservation of Kalasha traditional skills, and also aim to generate income sources for the local youth of the area.

In this regard we had started a community based project Kalash women welfare & skill development center. The title of the projects is “Kalash Products”. Where the local women are selling their hand made products and the income is going to the community through a systematic procedure.

Here we would like to acknowledge all of you that KPDN is working with JAFAKUSH URAT PROJECT government of Pakistan for women development, aim to provide dynamic efforts for better work, as the have master trainers and also this organization made for the welfare and development of Pakistani women to empower them to utilizes their own skill and would be a active member of our society.

For further information please contact us  0r

                                                                                                  (Mr. Luke Rehmat)


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