TKT News

Submission of Nomination form for the upcoming General Election.


Kalash 27 November 2007. Mr.Nabaig Kalash Advocate s/o Tole Khan belong to Kalash valley Mumuret Village Kraka’ has submitted his nomination form for the upcoming general elections in Pakistan on behalf of Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao Group), it has given first priority to the schedule cast Kalash tribe of Chitral.Mr.Nabaig is currently serving as Vice President & General Secretary of Kalash Culture Saving Society (KCSS).He says that if he succeeds in the Province than the kalash will have their voice in the province to fight for their constitutional and human rights.While he was giving an interview to “The Kalash times” he said that he will work for the rights of Kalash community as a professional advocate, remember that he is the first Kalash Advocate among the Kalash Community.                        (By Luke)


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