TKT News

Peace Issue in Kalash Valleys


Kalash 30 November, 2007.Kalash people are became very upset to look the behaviors of Nooristani People who are inhibited in the end edge of Kalash valleys Mumuret and Rukmu.As everyone known that Kalasha people are peace loving people, and now the peace is in threatened  due to this unwanted people in the valleys, its recent news that during some funeral festival there Nooristani boys were started disturbing Kalash female those were there for funeral festivities in Kraka’ Village Mumuret. When some Boys Name Nisar Ahmad and Syeed Umar From Anish village were try to stop those uncivilized people to not disturb them, then they boys attacked on them with knifes in result the boys are injuired, it’s a case of attempt to murder but due to fears no body has reported in police station to convey a message to take serious action against these people to stop there roaming in Kalash villages.What I had concluded from this problem is that these problems will lead to destroy the peace of Kalash community and there will be serious problem in near future. And I would like to ask the government to implement an order which can provide security to Kalash community during there festivities.

v     Likely Funeral and other religious occasions there will be not allow them to enter Kalash villages after 5:00 PM (Special to keep peace in the valleys)

v     Nooistani people should remain out of the place where festivities are taking place is another important matter for peace.We can get lesson from an ant which is very simple creature but is working hard to survey in the earth, he/she is very peaceful but if some body starts to disturbing them continuously then they will bite the object in result and same cause has created for Kalash people and it will be very serious issue in future if some precautions are not taken against these fundamentalist people of the valleys.I hope that concern department will provide right information to the line departments to convey massage of peace to the policy makers too.                                                                                                    (By Luke)


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