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Kalash projects -letter from Shah Karez Chitral
I wish to bring forward two points on the subject news published recently. One is that this is not the first time that any public sector development plan for Kalash communities has been prepared. We have been hearing of multi Million rupees projects on development of Kalash valleys but the sad thing is that no significant improvement has occurred in the life conditions of Kalash people.
For one the budget portfolios of the Kalash Valleys Development Project (KVDP) bear witness to the huge spending in the past. The second point is who identifies the need for construction of Jastakan, or spending money on ethnology museum.
I am sure the communities have not been consulted about their priority issues while preparing the ADP. This is a safe method of draining public money in the name of projects which have been identified elsewhere and the beneficiary communities do not know about them.
According to my information the Kalash do not need any Jastakan as there are already more than enough Jastakans; 7 Jastakans through KVDP funds and 6 from the Presidents’ funds have already been constructed, culturally the Kalash need one Jastakan for each lineage group and they have already more than enough of them. The Ethnology Museum is already in operation in Bumburet, there is hardly any need for additional spending, the credit for the construction and operalionalization of this project goes to Greek Cooperative.
If the government has any funds to spend in Kalash valleys then the communities in each of the valley must be consulted for their needs and priorities and they must be involved in the whole process so that their real needs are addressed and the money is spent judiciously.

Shah Karez



4 thoughts on “TKT Letters

  1. I am convinced to agree with the comment of Shah Kiriz. Kalasha people and their culture attracted many investers and government fundings but the money remained in the tunnel or through tactical strategy returned to the pockets of the people not deserved , and the people and the area still remained very backward. I propose a sustainable programme connecting all the helping hands including governement in a cluster involving the community itself. Tripartie, the governement, NGOs and Kalash Community shoud organize,integrate and develop themselves into a HARMONIOUS Organizational Body for sustainable and Harmonious development. S.Nazar Fatmi,Chitral


  2. Shah, I appreciate you message and feel simpathy for Kalash Community although I never heard of it before. I understand your concern for involving communities in the process of identifying their needs to be addressed. Keep your admirable interest in these issues. My congratulations.


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