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Shandur: Chitral scores hat trick against Gilgit


CHITRAL, 09 Jul 08: Chitral beat Gilgit 9-7 to clinch Shandur polo trophy for the third time in a row. In a country where anger and acrimony is abound it was a good scene to see rivals fighting it out not in anger but in competitive enthusiasm, armed with mallets and horses on the world’s highest sports field (Shandur polo ground is 1200 ft above sea level and the highest on earth).  

Shahzad Ahmad of Chitral was declared man of the match while Chitral captain Sikander Ul Mulk was the other outstanding player. The later has also rightful claim to the honour of captaining the three years consecutive wins for Chitral at the Shandur tournaments.

A large number of visitors including a host of ministers were present to witness the match. Chief Minister NWFP Amir Haider Hoti and Federal minister Najmuddin Khan were the chief guests. The good part of this year’s Shandur event was that there was minimum nuisance in the name of security cover for the VIPs. — (CN report)



                     For further detail on Shundur polo festival watch CCN report.

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