How Unity Comes

Kalash 22 Nov, 2008. The Gandua Festival end few days ago…according local people these are the occasions creates a platforms for the community to understand one another. Because everyone comes to participate the event from the three adjoining valleys of Kalash.

The Gandua Festival brought the past into present as after more 30 years back this celebration took place in Mumuret valley, while in Rukmu it was celebrated last time in 1984 and in Biriu it was celebrated in 1994 according some local sources.

Here everyone was looking very Happy although the procedure were same as funeral festival but due to absent of the original death bodies it was quite different platform for the local people, and were enjoying the Gandua festival.

The Gandau were two and there were two other effigies made called ‘Kundurik’. These Kundurik are putted in the area of funeral ceremony while the two large gandua were putted in the graveyard after the end.

(A detail analysis is coming soon be patient)


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