Chitral News Held Development Conference


Conference on

‘Suggestions for development of Chitral’


CHITRAL, 30 Nov 08:  A one day conference on ‘Suggestions for Development of Chitral’ was held here Monday under the auspices of Chitral News. Those who participated included MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin who presided, District Nazim Haji Maghfirat Shah the chief guest, District Coordination Officer Motasim Billah Shah, Commandant Chitral Scouts Colonel Sohail Iqbal, Tehsil Nazim Sartaj Ahmad Khan, Shahzada Sirajul Mulk, Amir Jamaat Islami Maulana Ghulam Muhammad , president PML(N) Fazl Rahim , president PML(Q) Syed Ahmad Khan,  Dir. PDC AKU Chitral Dr Mir Afzal Tajik, GM AKHS Rahimullah , GM AKES Zuhran Shah , Manager AKEPB Muhammad Karam , Dy Dir information Yousaf Shahzad , Sardar Muhammad Khan former AC, Sahib Nadir senior Lawyer, Mukarram Shah senior educationist, Journalists and members of the civil society.


Journalist Muhkamuddin Ayuni  recited from the holy Quran. Islamuddin, a senior beurocrat turned educationist and former press secretary to the president of Pakistan was the stage secretary. He also presented an exhaustive paper on the ‘role of journalism in the new world information order’. Chief Editor of Chitral News Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah  welcomed the guests and thanked them for their participation in the purposeful endeavor. He hoped this conference would show the path for more such forums which when activated could bring in the much needed transparency and accountability in our governance and management.


Participants mostly stressed upon the immediate harnessing of immense Hydel power potential and fixing our own power rates independent of Wapda, so that every body could use electricity for cooking, heating, ironing, showering running electric machines/gadgets etc thus facilitating their lives and relieving the pressure on dwindling forests. Participants also stressed on the need for aerial service between Chitral and Khorog in Tajikistan which they said is only 25 minutes flight time and can open up new avenues and boost tourism.


Besides stressing the need to improve road network which they maintained is the worst in the country, speakers also suggested laws which prevent locals from selling land to out of the district people as they feared opening of the Lowari tunnel would accelerate this phenomenon and locals who are still soft and fragile may be deprived of their land soon. The DCO lashed out against mismanagement and surrendering of funds in the past and other ailments such as rapid deforestation etc which were plaguing Chitral and he expressed his resolve to work hard to put things straight. District Nazim recounted what the district government had achieved and what they were planning to do ahead. The MNA stressed the need for mutual tolerance and coordination between all political entities so that collectively they could work for the betterment of Chitral. At the end of the session a resolution was adopted to formally establish a ‘Chitral development body’ which subsequently after meeting legal requirements would become ‘Chitral Development Authority’.

A documentary on the pollution of Chitral Gol Nala  produced by amateur producer Azharuddin was shown at the end of the conference which (the film, not the pollution!) was highly appreciated by the participants –(CN report)


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One thought on “Chitral News Held Development Conference

  1. No. None whatever.

    Although Alexander the Great did probably pass within 50 miles of Chitral in 327 BC on his way to India, it is unlikely that he ever reached Chitral. It also seems unlikely that any of his passing troops left children behind who fathered the Kalash of today, although nothing is impossible.

    Ismail Sloan


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