2500 world languages to be extinct KALASHA BEING ONE OF THEM: UNESCO

ISLAMABAD, Feb 24 (APP): Around 2500 including 27 Pakistani languages would be extinct with the passage of time across the world. According to UNESCO, 4000 languages are spoken in the world and there are 199 languages whose orator have reduced to only ten or less than ten persons. While 177 languages have ten to fifty orators. According to the report, more than 200 languages will extinct soon from the world. Among other world languages, around 27 languages including Brahvi, Balti, Mayan, Porak, Batairi, Phalor, Kalasha, Domaki, Jad, Kati, Khawar, Kundal Shahi, Marri, Wakhi, Chalaiso, Sapti and Rangsakari are facing serious threat to be extinct. ‘Batairi’ language is spoken in Kohistan district near eastern bank of River Indus and have 29000 orators according to the census of the year 2000, the report added. ‘Domaki’ is the language spoken by people living in Gilgit, Hunza Valley and Momanabad that has more chances to extinct as according to 1989 sensus, Domaki language have only five hundred speakers. However, ‘Zangskari’ and ‘Sapti’ are the language that were spoken in India and Pakistan years ago have totally diminished but there is not a single orator of these languages today. According to linguists, different social, demographic and political factors are all contributing to the rapid disappearance of languages.


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