Community Base Organization is in Progress

Kalash 2 March 2009. It is come to know that Kalash People’s Development Network will soon beginning to hosting the KPDN’s professional website. Which will lunch it is operation very soon.  While in an interview to The Kalasha Times this afternoon Mr.Luke Rehamt President Kalash People’s Development Network appealed to all friends of Kalash to joint hands with the organization to work for developments, growth and conservation of the indigenous people. ( Special thanks to Mr. taleem Khan)

He added that:  ‘it is the first time in the history that such a well plan NGO has setup to bring changes in rural communities’. KPDN is working on proposals which will change the generation to come. The new website will be (KT News)


2 thoughts on “Community Base Organization is in Progress

  1. Luke baya, ishpata, Ama pashi bo khushan hawis baya, Shonja mi ama website sapres.. Iy bo ajati krom, shabash ta mimi sawan hatya! Onja aya Sydneyuna piliwe’ shiau, po’~ lac’ia, menj suri ne lasenday, sharu hawaw. Homa gehenaw bo bo ishpata!


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