The residents of Ayun oppose the use of commercial scale preparation of wine in Kalash valleys

CHITRAL: The residents of Ayun village situated at the conflux of the three Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumboor have demanded of the government to impose ban on the distillation of wine on commercial scale in the Kalash valleys which is smuggled to the other areas of the district. In their public meeting here on Tuesday, the elites of the area Qazi Mohammad Yahya, Haji Mohammad Jaleel, Khalid Zafar and others said that the people of Kalash community are free to prepare and use the wine and no one has the right to interfere in the matter but they should not be allowed to make it a source of business. They said that taking advantage of the indemnity to the Kalash community by the law of the land, the wine is being prepared in all the three valleys on large scale and then smuggled to the other parts of the district. They said that grape trees are in abundance in the valleys and the Kalash people prepare wine of it for monetary gains which spoils the atmosphere in the whole district. They said that as the residents of Ayun know well all the elements involved in the business of wine as the route to all the valleys pass from Ayun. The speakers expressed their concern that if the business of wine is not controlled, then the new generation will go astray as the tendency of consuming the commodity is on steep rise. They said that the use of wine is becoming a fashion among the Muslim community members across the district and the commodity is supplied from the Kalash valleys. The speakers demanded that the Kalash people should be allowed to prepare wine only small scale using customary methods instead of large distillation units and boilers which give it an industrial shape. On this occasion, the residents formed an organization named Islaah-e-Muashira to organize and streamline the efforts of the residents of Ayun village to nib the menace and save the society from being perverted.



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