CSWO held General Body Meeting at Park in Rawalpindi

The General Body Meeting of CSWO




The General body meeting of Chitral Students Welfare Organization (CSWO) Islamabad which was headed by President CSWO, M. Shafiq Ul Mulk was held at Nawaz Shareef Park Rawalpindi, on 8th March, 09 in which students of various Colleges and Universities from the twin cities participated. The agenda of the meeting was as follows,


a)      Termination of inactive Members from CSWO

b)      Changes in the Cabinet and Announcement of New Members

c)      Registration of New Members

d)      The Issue of discrimination with Chitrali Student in NUML Islamabad


The meeting started with the recitation from Holy Quran, after that President CSWO, M. Shafiq ul Mulk highlighted the performance of CSWO from 18thOct, 08 onward. He also emphasized on students to take keen interests in the issues related to CSWO as it is their organization and the students should know their rights.  President Shafiq ul Mulk with the consensus of the body dismissed Talha Ibn Shah,Shah Adnan, Asim and Sajid Jalal, and announced changes in the cabinet. The New Cabinet is as follows;


1. M. Shafiq Ul mulk                            President

2. Zahoor Ilahi                                      Senior Vice President

3. M. Faheem                                       Vice President (Islamabad)

4. Asghar Ali                                        Vice President (Rawalpindi)

5. Mehtab Hussain                                General Secretary

6. Sajjad Iqbal                                      Finance Secretary

7. Muhammad Ali                                 Chief Auditor

8. Tanveer Nawaz                                Joint Secretary

9. Shah Saud Qayyum                          Sports and Cultural Secretary

10. Farman Ilahi                                   Secretary Colleges (Islamabad)

11. Fayaz Ahmad                                 Legal Advisor

12. Azaz Ahmad                                   Joint Secretary Colleges (Islamabad)

13. Imran Khan                                    Program Coordinator

14. Abdul Fatah                                   Joint Secretary Colleges (Rawalpindi)

15. Shah Nawaz                                   Secretary Colleges (RAwalpindi)

16. Rehmat Ali Shah                             Sports Secretary (Rawalpindi)







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