Cawmos Purificiation (On’j’esta) days end in Rukmu

Cawmos Purificiation (On’j’esta) days end in Rukmu

News by: Luke Remat

Kalash 18 December 09, the main days for purification (On’j’esta) had ended up in Kalash valley Rukmu. According to locals the winter festival was good but due to sever cold and muddy atmosphere people faced difficulties. The new thing is that a young girl name Rajina got married with Japanis young man (Akiko Wada married Kalasha Jamat Khan in recent years she is also belongs from Japan), who was visiting there frequently during winter festivals. Besides these three other girls are got married respectively one in same valley and two got married in Mumuret valley there names are as follows:

Name Married with Village Valley
Rajina Japanis    
Nisa Sher Wahid Balanguru Rukmu
Nusran Bigim Yasir Anish Mumuret
Masran Arichin Khan Anish Mumuret.

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