Cawmos Festival is celebrated in Kalash valleys

News by:Wazir Zada
Kalash 23 Dec, 09. Chawmos celebrated with Great Religious sprit. People were more unite and nothing happened bad. New Marriages Rajna d/o Tajamol Married with a Japans Boy RumboorSabor Nisa d/o Mirsing married with Sher Wahid S/O Saif Ullah RumboorChusti Gul d/o Hajihayat Bumburate married …with Sherasdin s/o Jabar Khan Rumboor Rahim Gul Koldesh Married with Anwar s/o Danjak Rumboor.

Mean-while the news of Pro. Athanaci had conformed that he is not back to Kalash valleys after conforming from different personalities. But efforts are inprogress, we hope he will soon release (Luke Rehmat)


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