The Returned of Delegation from Nooristan

The Returned of Delegation from Nooristan

News by: Luke Rehmat

Kalash, 10 January 2010. The delegation  were left to Nooristan for dialogue with the Taliban for the safe release of  Pro. Athanci are back to Chitral yesterday. As Kalasha Times had promise to update latest news and development concerning the case. It is great news that Pro. Athanaci is in Nooristan his images  were published in Chitral Times. Kalasha people and Greek Volunteers would appreciate the efforts of Mr. Wazir Zada and Mr. Abdul Majid who met and brought good news for both communities.

Mr. Wazir told Citral Times that they stay in same environment for three days, he added that Pro. Athanaci is safe and the Taliban are treating him as a guest. But the Taliban are still demanding the release of their commander Rehmat-u-din who is thought to be in Pakistani prison. For further details visit


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