Amid troubles, Japanese marries Kalash girl

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL, Jan 8, 2010: Amid troubles, a Japanese man has married a Kalash girl after a two-year struggle. However, the bridegroom will have to wait for two more years to take the bride to his native country as she has yet not received a passport.

Sources said that Kei Fasagawa, 25, was visiting Kalash valleys every year since 2006 and stayed at Rumbur valley. Two years ago, he proposed a Kalash girl Rajina, 16, but met a stiff opposition of her father. “He repeatedly came to the valley in the spring on the occasion of Chilim jusht festival to marry the girl,” a local said.

When his efforts to persuade the girl’s father failed, the sources said, the girl eloped with the man and entered into matrimonial relations with the help of some locals. The father of the girl reacted strongly when the news was broken to him, but was persuaded to accept it on the intervention of the Kalash notables including Saifullah Jan.

Mr Fasagawa is said to be a hairdresser by profession and was adopted as a son by Saifullah Jan. The father of the girl reportedly got Rs105,000 after the marriage.
The formal marriage ceremony was carried out according to the Kalash traditions later. The Japanese served the local community with a sumptuous feast and offered traditional dish jooshi for which fifteen goats were slaughtered.

It is said that the Japanese would spend this winter in the valley with his wife. He speaks Kalash language fluently and offers his services of cutting hairs of his friends in the valley.

A resident of the valley says that very few locals know the real name of the Japanese as he has been nicknamed as Museebat or trouble. “The troubles of the couple is yet not over… they will wait for two more years as the girl is underage and cannot get a national identity card and hence a passport to leave for Japan,” a source said.–Dawn


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