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Dear Friends of Kalash,

Today at 4:30 pm flood has destroyed Rukmu valley and adjacent areas, till now we come to know that a woman near Checkpoint Dubaz is died and flown away. But we are stop to go for Rukmu valley due to large quantity of flood. Many people have lost homes, land ad lives but we are not sure how many people have died now. By tomorrow a team of Kalash People’s Development Network-Natural Disasters Management Programme will visit at any cost. Because now Border police are not allowing any one to go for Rukmu valley it’s not sure that how to access the valley, because the Gha/river bank is full with flood and no chance to visit tonight. We will update you after visiting the areas. According to telephonic talks with people from Ayun we come to know that many people have lost their homes and land in Ayun too due to the flood distraction today.

If anyone can give any assistances please contact us or call 0092-943-404126 or 4040426 let us we together help the affected families.

It is now really important to give quick relief to the affected families.

See soon with details and photos by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Geri Pashik See with details

Details of Distraction in Mumuret Few days ago:

Really sorry to not response you promptly due to electric and other problems bellow I have created some lines for your kind consideration:

Nnatural disasters hits Kalash valleys. The server affected people who have lost their homes are belongs to Muslim community but Kalash people have lost their land and some zontrs. Initially we have found three water mills of Kalash families had damaged and people have lost their crops land and trees a lot People are living with relative and some in tents. The pictures have taken in Mumuret valley, I have some pictures from Rukmu too, but unable to send you due to electricity problem. Also my laptop has got some hardware problem and now it’s not working. The roads are cut off from different places in Mumuret it’s destroyed from Anish till near mandawjaw Brun village I mean the road. All the tangible
assets of Kalash are saved from the disaster.

PTDC hotel Zahid Kalash Guest House Ansih, hotel Shalimar is affected mostly including some shops. Government has provided only five tents for the affected family which is not fair with the communities living
in Kalash valleys in Boni the MNA Chitral have given thirty Lakh
rupees and many other things. So far no executive district officer is
visited Kalash valleys as the road near Dubaz checkpoint is damaged.

The floods have made many risk in the valleys for future distraction, there are three main points have created if floods enter via these areas then the whole Mumuret valley will affect severely. These points are in Sungar Kraka, near Kalash Dur and near Graveyard Brun. Now the risk for near future is very high. Current flood entered in the village of Brun at Gadayan Dah it’s a part of Brun village opposite to the graveyard Brun.

Now people need foods, shelter, medicines and financial assistance,
also we want to help students of the affected families not to
discontinue their studies due to financial problems.

KPDN will do assessment survey before giving any support to the people to know more about the situation, so each rupee must use in proper way.

Baba KPDN is responsible for the right use of the money for the
welfare of the people and the KPDN will be accountable to all
stakeholders. KPDN have account in the first Microfinance Bank Chitral and we have designed methodology to work in this regards.
Progress report will share with after the end of all activities undertaken.

KPDN has established its head office in Jinnah Kalash Hotel Anish on November 2009. So now office is there any time we can response anyone regarding anything. But as you know the valleys have no good
electricity and telephone facilities in results computer ad things are not working or damaging certainly, that is why some time we remain delay and unable to response promptly.

The NDMP is an imitative of Kalash People’s Development Network which has formed in 2006 after the earthquake disasters hit Kashmir and some
parts of NWFP. Now it is really indeed to help homeless people who
sought support.

PTCL is working in Mumuret valley and out of valleys all sort

communications are working.

In First Step Damages:

1 Three Zontrs/ Water Mils
2. Fifteen Homes
3. Four Hotels
4. One Jeep able bridge and five other bridges of the villages in
different part have found.
5. One Ghost/ Cattle House

But many land, crops and trees have founded damaged.  Later when start work on it then may we find more things.


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