Is there any justice in my country, (Pakistan)?

Is there any justice in my country, (Pakistan)?

Kalash, 26 Aug 10.  Is there any justice in my country, may highlight those corruption and personal revenge taking place frequently. Recently a forest guard in Rukmu valley Mr. Aman has proven it. A local resident Mr. Shazad told ‘The Kalasha Times’ that he was taking woods for his personal construction purpose on the way the forest guard has stop and cessed the jeep along the woods. When asked Mr. Shazad why he has done it? He told that ‘ Mr. Aman has taken personal revenge of his brother’ there was a conflict between his brother and the forest guard. Why anyone of the forest department is not taking action against the timber mafias in the region. How can they? From lower to top everyone is involved in destruction of forest isn’t it? The honourable minister for forest in KPK is doing personal business in Kalash valley. He along his partners being destroying forest in ‘Ac’ugha valley’ they have almost vanished the beautiful forest of cedar tress, in the name of ‘marking’ government is giving forest to contractors where the actual beneficiary hardly get 30% of total amount. The government forest department is taking 60% and remaining 10% is taken away by the local representatives.  Read Details


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