NDMP Progress Report


Natural Disasters Management Programme, NDMP an initiative of Kalash People’s Development Network has formed in 2006 when the earthquake hit Azad Kashmir and some parts of KPK (NWFP). Second the valleys were affected due to heavy snowfall in 2004, 2007 and recently the devastating flood has proven that why it has been put in red zone areas in terms of natural disasters.  The district Chitral has been placed in red zone areas regarding natural disasters so the members of KPDN realized to initiative a Programme that will work for the welfare of mankind during their difficult times. To prepare the communities to face unexpected problems which come in life without any warning. To protect that vision NDMP was formed and now it’s actively taking part in reporting and working to provide quick relief to the affected families in united valleys of Kalash in collaboration with individual donors, donor agencies, NGOs, Government and local community

Due to the devastating flood destructions in July and August 2010, NDMP has designed Center for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, CRR, Center for Resources Mobilization, CRM and Center for Relief Point, CRP to decrease disparity in communities living in united valleys of Kalash and district Chitral.

KDPN- NDMP is working for people regardless of religion, culture, caste and colors. NDMP believe in quality service to the humanity. NDMP is the first organization provided relief in Rukmu valley which was worst affected. In Mumuret Pakistani Red cross Society and government has provided food assistance but here again NDMP came third in relief activities. Read Details


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