Reconstruction of Water Mills in Kalash valleys and Action 3

Reconstruction of Water Mills in Kalash valleys and Action 3

Kalash 24, Nov 2010 . After the devastating flood of July-August 2010 Fanch-Kalashamis in collaboration with Natural Disasters Management Programme, NDMP an initiative of Kalash People’s Development Network has started water mills reconstruction project and its funded by Franch-Kalashamis under the component of NDMP Center for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, CRR. Franch-Kalashamis is an association and a group working as friends of Kalash in France.

The project has started working on two water mills in Mumuret, three in Rukmu and one in Biriu valley. Meanwhile Action 3 is soon distributing food item flour to Kalash community after success of action 1 in relief effort on 21 & 22 August 2010.

The Kalasha Times is only official site and Media Project of KPDN and all news and activities are updating here . NDMP-KPDN would like to thank Franch-Kalashamis, especially Mr. Gerard, Zarin, Nicolas and all team of Franch-Kalashamis for helping people indeed.


One thought on “Reconstruction of Water Mills in Kalash valleys and Action 3

  1. water mills are the most indigenous technology and Eco friendly technology and there is huge opportunity to promote these water mills in the entire kalash valley, as the slope percentage and huge water resources is abundance in the valley. the idea work on the water mills are good, let me hope that you people will work practically on the project, good and keep it up,

    Ajaz Ahmad


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