Ucaw Festival Concluded in Mumuret 2011

Ucaw Festival Concluded in Mumuret 2011
Kalash 23 August 2011: Kalash Ucaw the autumn festival concluded today at 7 AM. Kalash people have celebrated the festival with religious zeal. According to elders of the Kalash community Kalash culture is very much threatened due to alarming increase of conversion to Islam. Youth are converting especially girls aging from 10 to 17 years old. On the Eva of Ucaw festival breaking news came when Reema a young Kalasha girl from Kraka village converted to Islam. Reema was got married after completing 9th classes from government high school in the valley. But her marriage was not successful as her Muslim paternal uncle took her back from her husband house on the same day, but after few days she was re married with the same boy in Sarikjaw village. As it seems that there was some problem existed within the families and soon she again divorced within a month or two and she started living with her parent’s house and now news came that she has converted herself and got married with another Muslim boy named Adil possibly from Kandisar village where Kiran a young Kalasha girl got married last year during winter festival, Reema and Kiran were friends and belongs to same village.  
As latest news came that some young boys got married as detailed Shazia from Kraka village got married with Sher Ahmad in same village, Rehasat from Kraka village got married with Bhuts’ in the same village, Fiana from Brun village got married with Shair Shah in the same village. News came that Jamshora was run away with Wali from Brun village, but her mother took her back immediately from Wali house and the marriage was not allowed due to disagreement of Jamshora’s family. Jamshora is daughter of Anis Umar a school teacher living in Brun village basically he belongs to Kalash valley Rukmu.


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