Ucaw festival Concluded in Rukmu Valley

Ucaw festival Concluded in Rukmu Valley
Kalash 22 August 2011: Ucaw the autumn festival has concluded in Kalash valley Rukmu. According to local sources two young men got married. Johari Baig from Kotdesh Rukmu valley got married with Korma Gul from Batrick village Kalash valley Mumuret and Kundo from Batrick village got married with Yamir Gul from Sajigor Thon Kalash valley Rukmu. This is not the end, as Ucaw festival in Mumuret valley is happening now. And will be end on 23 August 2011 at 6-7 AM. In Mumuret the Festival is celebrating in Brun village and Kraka village.

Imran Kabir Bazik describes Ucaw as ‘This festival is celebrated in the month called “ucaw mastruk.” The rat’nat’ festival is celebrated for many weeks and then comes ucaw festival. First the elders in all villages announce the festival. The next day after the declaration day is the preparation day. In these two days the “rat’nat’” festival is celebrated. After the preparation day is gone the festival “ucaw” starts. It starts with the ceremonies performed on the high places or the altars. Offerings are offered and food is eaten on the alters by the men only. Women eat at home. After all this the festival starts, and it goes on till late night or till the next morning in Mumuret.

                            Korma Gul one of the new couple

                    Kalasha Times would love to Congruities the new couples


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