Flash Floods in Kalash Valley Mumuret

Flash Floods in Kalash Valley Mumuret

Kalash 24 August 2011: Kalash valley Mumuret is again hit by flash floods Kalasha Times is getting live update regarding the flood as soon as more news come we will update. Till now no idea as there is huge flood in the valley and people are frightened and Kalasha Times come to know that Bashali (Kalasha Maternity home is evacuated) as there are some new born babies and other females in the house. Last year it was safe. This time flood is taken its way on the road which was damage last year but government was done no thing  for future protection as there was more risk made by the flash floods last year. Thanks God due to PTCL phones people  have able to communicated with others regarding the flood


and there is less chance of human loss. Local sources told Kalasha Times. Still receiving messages that people are safe. Last year many household were completely damaged by devastating flood. But till now no idea what is up there. As huge flood has on its way down the river and people are trying stop the flood to enter on the roads once it entered then there are many chance to damaged more houses and shops.

As news came that a madras, two water and a shop have damaged in Shekhanandeh village near afghan border in Mumuret.
Note: Breaking 1 Madras 2. Water mills and 1 shop are damaged in a viilage Shehkanandeh in Mumuret valley as soon more details come we will update.


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