REPORT on Flood 2011

REPORT on Flood 2011

Reported by Wazir Zada Manager AVDP.

Office: 0943-490209 Mob: 0346-0895937



Unpredictable and inclement weather patterns causing devastating calamities have been plaguing the Kalasha valleys Bumburate, Rumboor, Birir and its main town Ayun. So far many people have lost their Houses, cultivated lands, Fruit trees, livestocks etc through out the history. Some 25 years ago the most beautiful and biggest Kalasha populated village of Rumboor Malidesh was disappeared by flood; eventually the people have migrated and shifted to other parts of the valleys and Last year once again more then 20 house hold in Broon Bumburate lost their houses and compel to live in tents and shelters. Several such examples are there which the grand fathers narrate to their young nephews.

This year, on 24th August 2011, once again UC Ayun received unusual torrential rain and its surrounding valleys (Kalash Valleys) as a result a flood devastated Bumburate and Birir Valley.

Soon after the flood news, AVDP team along with Journalist rushed to the Valley to assess the situation. The team made transact walk to the whole area, made Photographs and video documentary of destroyed houses land slide and other damages etc.


This flood completely destroyed 2 houses and 2 shops (with different items worth 600,000) 4 Water Mills in Shekhandeh Bumburate and partially damaged the Jama Masji,Madrasa and houses, Water Supply Scheme of the village has gone and the people have no Clean Water. The On Going Jeep Able Bridge (which was under rehabilitation after 2010 flood destruction) has affected and left in aside as the river way has changed. Materials collected for its constriction are washed away.The 500 rft completed Protective Wall Constructed by AVDP Funded by CIADP/THRIVE has also destroyed fighting till the last. The people gathered near the Mosque with tears in their eyes said that the protective wall saved the village, Lands and mosque. 19 houses along with kitchen gardens, Standing crops and Fruit trees in Broon Bumburate are partially damaged. These people had been ruined in the catastrophic flood of last year and had lost every things, From 28th July 2010 they had been struggling for reconstruction of their house but the efforts been made once again gone living them helpless for years more. The main area of the village and capital of the valley protected by the protective wall contracted by VO Broon in Supervision of AVDP with Financial support of AKRSP (funded by KFW German) The people of the area are very pleased with the work done for them over there. A community member Mr. Hiz Bullah said it seemed that they flood would enter the main road and destroy the Hotels, High School Great Greek Volunteers Constructed building Kalasha Dur,Jama e Masjid and many house but the protective wall was too strong to prevent the flood attack with heavy Stones. 2 Houses Holds of Anish Village lost their land along with standing crops. 1 jeeb able Bridges in Wadus has also been damaged. Protective Wall in Shotar Bumburate that was partially demaged last year has become more dangerous for the village and any un-expected disaster will destroy the whole area.


According to the report received from Cluster Chairman Birir Mr. Unat Baig and AVDP BoD member Mr. Ibrahim the flash flood has severely affected the whole Birir valley and disturbed the seasonal busy life of the area. The main Valley Road has been blocked in its entry point people used to walk 2 hours to the valley, Jeep Able Bridge of Upper Birir has damaged, The main Jeep Able Bridge of the Valley at Sandik has partially damaged, Heads of Irrigation channels, Protective Walls, Cultivable Lands and Fruit Trees in different places of the valley have been affected and most of those may not possible for community to restored.

Damaged Infrastructures/structures; fruit bearing trees (specially walnut trees) and standing crops have resulted in great economic loss to the community. Community is under severing mental distress and heavy load of work, as they have to work for rehabilitation of their houses, channels, roads and protective walls all together at one time.

AVDP management appeal to the Govt & Donors for an early rehabilitation of communities, improvement of communication, provision of relief to the affected communities, temporary shelter, restoration of water supply schemes, improvement of irrigational channel and compensation of crops on priority basis





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