The Useful Morchella

The Useful Morchella (Mushrooms)

Reported & Photo by

Ishfaq Ahmad Sagar


Kalash 14 September 2011. There are beautiful mountains and forest in God made world, few of them we found it at Hindukush. We have four sessions in a year there are a session coming every year, early start of spring session at the month of April. The story is turning to (Morchella) There are many kinds of Mushrooms in the World few type of them we found here in Hindukush one of the most expensive Morchella we found it in the session of early spring. The type & colors of expensive Morchella is black, net type, see the picture of most expensive Morchella


Here in Hindukush Kalasha valleys some of shepherds and poor villagers going to find this expensive Morchella after get dry they sell it, 100 gram approximately 1500 hundred rupees. In olden days I heard our indigenous peoples were cooking and eating it. The taste is like a meat. I am lucky I found few of most expensive Morchella on the track to Biriu valley. The people of hindukush Kalasha valleys earning at least some money from it. God Bless the whole Hindukush & Mountains with more Morchella.  More about Morchella


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