A Session of Pine Nuts (Chalghoza)


15-10-2011.As the whole world knows Pine Nuts is Expensive delicacies nuts on earth

clip_image006We fond it in Hindukush Kalasha valleys Bumburate, Rumboor, & Birir…

This is a perfect session of Pine Nuts our here one of my friend named Malang brought it from high up Jungle, its very difficult to take it form tree and bring it to home put in the sun, after get dry see the processes in the pictures.. And he said to me that he is bring it from high up mountain and then he is doing hard work with this,,, then he sale it to the Banusi people.. The price is with cover one beg is 6,000 and with out cover one kg 1300 and earning money for winter survive


Pine nuts:

clip_image012Pine nuts are not botanically referred to as nuts, but as seeds, since they are the seedlings of pinecones. Pine nuts are actually one of the higher fat nuts, and are often used in rich foods such as pesto. But don’t let their small size fool you — pine nuts are very nutrient dense, and full of vitamins A, C and D.
Health Benefits:
The best thing about pine nuts is their high concentration of monounsaturated fat, which paves the way for a healthier cardiovascular system. The vitamin D in pine nuts leads to stronger bones and teeth, by improving the body’s ability to absorb calcium, and vitamins A and C may sharpen vision and boost the immune system.

Reported and Photos By: Ishfaq Ahamd Sagar


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