Struggling for development of winter tourism and sports in Kalash valleys

Kalasha Times Report

IWSF 2012 EC Meeting (21)Kalash 4th December 2011: IWSF 2012’s 2nd executive committee meeting held in KPDN office. The committee has selected its directors and executive director. The meeting started with the holy name of God. Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad welcome the EC members on behalf of IWSF 2012 and TSDP. The meeting followed by a presentation. Mr. Luke Rehmat CEO KPDN and executive director IWSF 2012 gave presentation to the EC members. The presentation was really resourceful and organized and contents were really good. During the presentation a session was held and directors were selected for the following purpose. Mr. Wazir Zada selected as director for fund raising, Mr. Na Baig advocate legal advisor, Mr. Arifullah director marketing, Mr. Shafiq Ahmad director security, Mr. Bakhtawar Shah Director Event Management, Mr. Khalil director game management, Mr. Yasir director foods and Mr. Ayas director protocol.

IWSF 2012 EC Meeting (17)Mr. Luke Rehmat told the EC members that ‘‘IWSF 2012 is a cluster of three projects tourism, culture and sports and its is designed to conserve the intangible assets of indigenous community, it aim to work for traditional sports development and winter tourism in Kalash valleys and Chitral district’’

At the Q&A session held to clear all questions and feedbacks regarding the IWSF 2012. During Q&A session questions were raised regarding the following topics:

Standard Team Issue, Play Ground, Foods, Security Internal and External, Fund Raising and many more, but Mr. Luke has cleared all doubts and members showed their satisfaction at the end.


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