Cawmos Festival Concluded in Rukmu and Purification days started in Mumuret valley


Kalash 19 December 2011: Cawmos concluded in Kalash valley Rukmu, mean while Kalasha Times got news that Mr. Wazir Zada married with Zahir Gul she was engaged last year. Mr. Ajab Khan runs away a girl from Balanguru village.


cawmos 2011 (5)

Cawmos is happening in Kalash valley Mumuret where the important days of purification have started yesterday with blood sparkling on the Kalasha males while women did Shis’u. Interestingly for the young children aged 4 to 8 were wearied traditional dress in a ceremony called ‘Bhut sabihak/Gosnik’ for a whole night people were making and cooking walnut breads for the maternal uncles and the villagers. The families offered fruits, dry fruits and walnut breads with traditional gift Shuman to the uncles and in returned they uncles gave goats and sheep to the children. After bhut Sabihak ceremony if anyone dies then his death body will be buried same like adults otherwise without funeral festival. This ceremony gives certain rights to the new member of the family in Kalasha custom. During these purification days no one from outside will be allowed to enter Kalasha villages shake hands with Kalasha people, even Kalasha men who is out and could not participate the purification day on 18 cannot join the festivities but there is a chance if he sacrificed a goat and purify himself then he is allow to join the festivities otherwise he must stay outside till 21st December 2011.


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