Bumburate Museum Bumburate

Reported by: Ishfaq Ahmad Sagar

P1030015A beautiful architect building is build by C & W Construction Department Khyber Pakhtunkhaw. Government contractor Mr. Khalil-u-Rahman and showcase contractor Mr. Zahiz Iqbal said that, after completed construction of the building C & W will hand over it to the Directorate of Archeology & Museums KPK Pakistan, point is we have one Kalasha Museum as well in Kalasha valley Bumburate Brun, built by Greek volunteer, so far it only presents the unique culture of Kalash.

Some staff they brought form Hindukush too but the main character is Kalash culture, here we have three more important cultures like majority of Muslim Khow culture, Noristani Culture a migrated people from Afghanistan Nooristan, and Gujur culture.Bumburate Museum is biggest effort by Directorate of Archeology Department of KPK.

P1030016First Kalash archeologist & gallery assistant of Bumburate museum Miss: Syed Gul talks to thekalashatime, “Said that this Museum aim is to preserve and promote the whole Hindukush cultures heritage” she added that “our Museum Director Mr: Nida ullah Sahrai played wonderful roll on culture preservation” here we are five permanent employs paid by Directorate of Archeology & Museums” “Me, Durdana, Nisar Ahamad, Zard-u-llah, and Zar taj” she said to thekalashatime “personally I m going to PPC college Bumburate where I giving lectures on culture preservation and concept of museums in the world heritage ” She added “also provide a showcase for students to know the whole Hindukush culture heritage with small assignment” Sayed Gul said “We always were trying to prove our best for upcoming generation” in the other hand if we don’t have our own identity to presents our culture to the world then no meaning to be educated.


4 thoughts on “Bumburate Museum Bumburate

  1. I like this article very much Luke baya. It sounds like this museum will be a good opportunity for Kalasha, Khowar and Kati alike to understand how important their respective cultures are and how together their cultures have forged the fascinating history of the Hindu Kush. Outside Pakistan many generations of scholars have studied and published on the cultures of the Hindu Kush, it is good to see this world-wide interest reflected by the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums.


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