An unknown illness become Killer of many animals in Kalash valleys


Kalash 15 February 2012. Kalash Times learn that goats have got some unknown illness and died in many regions in Kalash valleys. Mr. Zahir Shah a resident of Krakal village Kalasha valley Mumuret (Bumburate) told this subscriber today. He added ‘suddenly more than 25 goats died in Biriu valley where my goats were staying for winter. Some unknown illness became a killer of a lot of goats in whole Kalasha valleys such as Bumburate, Rumboor, Birir, Acholga. Kalasha people are worrying about their ships and goats. People of the valley complains about this sensitive issue, so on the behalf of Kalasha community, The Kalasha Times would like to draw attention live stock department of Chitral to find out some solution in this concerns. It’s feared that the illness may spread into other areas soon. Indeed people need help to cope the situation. Government and other NGOs should consider this problem in order to prevent more economic lost of the community.

Reported by: Ishfaq Ahmad Sagar


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