Indigenous Winter Sports Festival 2012 Started in Kalash Valleys

Kalasha Times Report

Kalash 15 Feb 2012. IWSF 2012 opening ceremony started with the name of Dezau (Creator, Allah) and oath taking ceremony held. Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad Sagar started first talks on behalf of IWSF 2012 executive committee then Mr. Bakhtawar Shah Director event management brief both teams, at the end Mr. Luke Rehmat executive director IWSF 2012 red out terms and conditions and told both teams to follow the rules in order to make it huge success and avoid any conflict during the game. Brun team Coach Noor Shahidin and Captain Faizi Khan and Anish team coach Adul Khan and Captain Muhmmad Umar signed the oath papers and accepted terms and condition. A team included 24 members. IWSF 2012 snow golf started in Kalash valley Mumuret at Sarikjaw ground. In first round Brun vs Anish village matched played, and Brun won the match securing 9 points. While the Anish hardly made1 point. The match was started at 11 AM and concluded at 4 PM. The snow golf will continue for 8 days. For latest updates check out IWSF 2012


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