Public Notice/Attention (Kalash Spring Festival 2012)

Public Notice/Attention

Kalash 9th May 2012. Today an official meeting of Pak army and police held in different places and the whole security situation during the festival would be controlled by Pak arm they gave instruction to hotel owners and villagers of the valleys that the foreigner’s visitor can come to Kalash valleys in day time only then the can move back to Chitral for overnight stay. Entry time for Kalash Spring Festival Zhoshi is 10 A.M to 1 PM Festival and will be continue till 7 P.M no one will be allowed to enter the festival place after the entry times as mentioned above. No

one can move from the festival place till the given time. No one will be allowed to bring cell phone and if anyone brought it must be hand over to Pak army at check point. Female tourists are not allowed to bringing their hand bags. For car parking Pak army will provide a space in village Kraka (Karkal) where ever one stay but car must be park at that place.

No tourist will be allowed to enter the festival place he/she must have concern people means local people or Bumbarate Hotels Association, BHS personals and the concerns must take permission from Pak army before enter the Zhoshi place.

Everyone is urged to follow the instruction to protect and support the Kalasha community to continue their unique festivities.

This notice is brought to you by The Kalasha Times in order avoid in-convinces!


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